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Need to get finance or refinance on a car, bike, commercial vehicle, boat, jet ski, caravan? Then Finance 2 Go is the place to get quick and easy finance for you. Keep the same car and pay less with our refinance options.

Car Finance

Found a car you like. Private or from a dealer. Use our finance options to get finance quick and easy.

Refinance the Same car

Want to pay less? Just refinance the same car for a better monthly payment

Finance Calculator

Quickly see your finance monthly payment. 

Leisure Finance

If its a luxury yacht or a speedboat or a jet ski. Let us get your Leisure Finance 2 Go. 

Bike Finance

Love the open road. Finance your bike and be free!

Caravan and Trailer Finance

Because you are free from hassle we can finance your caravan or trailer quick and easy.


Find a used or new vehicle from someone that you know or a complete stranger by using internet platforms such as Facebook, Gumtree or autotrader etc. We will handle the car/bike/boat/jet ski/caravan loan.


Simple and easy, it should only take around 20 minutes or less to complete. Fill in the online car finance application form to see if you can get a loan. Whether its a used car, bike, boat, jet ski or caravan you can finance it. 


Once your vehicle finance application has been verified and approved, we will then contact you to discuss the car finance deal that best suits you.


Once your finance application for you car, bike, boat, jet ski, caravan or trailer has been approved. If it’s vehicle, the vehicle must be send to a DEKRA testing centre.


Once the signed and supporting documentation has been received from both buyer and seller, the buyer will then sign the contract with their bank of choice.


Comprehensive vehicle insurance is required. We can assist you to get the best possible cover for your needs. Warranties are highly recommended and can also be arranged.


We guarantee payment to the seller. Handover of the vehicle is arranged once the seller has received proof of payment. This would be at a place and time convenient to both parties.


Motorlease will register the vehicle in the bank and buyer’s name as well as facilitate licencing in most areas. There is a grace period of 21 days in which to conclude this process.

Finance 2 Go Great Tips

Calculate how much you can afford to spend on a car. Take your income (after taxes and deductions) and subtract all living expenses like food, rent, airtime and more – deduct all of these costs to arrive at your disposable income. This is the money that can be used for luxuries – such as monthly car instalments.

Affording a car isn’t just about the monthly instalment. If you have R6000 left after paying all monthly expenses, you will have to use that amount to cover the instalment as well as other essentials.

Fuel and insurance for example, are monthly expenses that need to be budgeted for. If your vehicle doesn’t have a service or maintenance plan you should also consider saving money each month to cover regular maintenance costs.

Settle as many debts as possible

Your credit profile shows banks how you use credit. This includes clothing accounts, overdrafts, home loans, personal loans, and credit cards. As long as you make your monthly payments on those accounts, your credit profile will be spotless and banks will see that you’re a reliable borrower.

When applying for credit, the bank has to take all of your current and available credit into account. If you have credit facilities such as a credit card with a limit of R30 000 and an overdraft with a limit of R20 000, these are also included in the assessment – whether they are fully used or have a zero balance.

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